Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to us, especially when it is related to the clipboard service which might be one of the most private services on your devices. So we started thinking about how we can make it right at the very beginning of design and development time. Thanks to the open technologies like UIkit and pioneer companies like Apple, we've got a better solution: We do not collect, use, disclose, transfer or store any of your data on our servers.

Data Backend

Clipboard mini service is based on macOS, and it is accessible through the web on other platforms. In order to make the service robust while not compromising on privacy information, we use CloudKit as the only backend which is not only the technology that powers many of Apple's own cloud services but also a service already trusted by millions of customers. You sign in with Apple ID to start, sign out to stop. Since we do not store any of your data, as long as you keep the iCloud account in safe place, your data is well protected.

Data Transfer

We use the latest SSL/TLS encryption for all the information that is being transmitted, to make sure data transfer is safe.

Website Cookie

When you use Copies on the web, the browser will save the successful sign-in session as secure cookies on the device. This kind of cookie is safe, however you can disable and delete it at any time in browser settings.

Last modified: 23rd Oct, 2020